Statement of Faith & Purpose

United Christians Church of America

“A Church of Personal Accountability TO Christ and Civic Responsibility FOR Christ our Living Lord and Savior.”

Christian revival is a term that generally refers to a specific period of increased spiritual interest or renewal in the life of a church congregation or many churches, either regionally or globally. This should be distinguished from the use of the term “revival” to refer to a evangelistic meeting or series of meetings (see Revival meeting).

Revivals are seen as the restoration of the church itself to a vital and fervent relationship with God after a period of decline. Mass conversions of non-believers are viewed by church leaders as having positive moral effects.

In America here were “Awakenings” around the years 1727, 1792, 1830, 1857, 1882 and 1904. From this we know that United Christians Church of America was established circa 1727 and continued on until today, while featured online since 2007.

United Christians Church of America, an Online Church that endeavors to serve all Christians, regardless of denominational status or church affiliation. The Statement of Faith is designed not be an exhaustive theological treatise, but simply an affirmation of the essential doctrines that most Christians have ascribed to throughout the history of the Church.

The Bible.

We believe the sixty-six canonical books of the Bible are the inspired and infallible Word of God. These Scriptures are the supreme and final authority of the Christian faith. They serve as the exclusive standard for our faith and behavior. We receive God’s word as a blessed gift of His grace that is designed to reveal God’s personhood, His providential workings in history, His ethical requirements nurturing a covenant relationship with Him and for guiding all our social interactions with others and His glorious plan of personal redemption though the life and gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Triune God.

We believe in the scriptural disclosure of the creator God who is absolutely infinite, loving, sovereign, immutable, transcendent, omnipresent, omniscient, holy, merciful, and just. We accept His inspired revelation that He is one divine spirit who eternally manifests Himself in three persons as the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit. The orthodox position of the Trinity can be summarized in three statements: God is three persons; each person is fully God and there is one God. The revelation of the Trinity is of profound practical importance in that it affirms coherence between unity and diversity instead of a division between the two. The revelation of the Trinity provides a framework for simultaneously emphasizing both the significant roles of many individuals and that of unified groupings such as the family, church and state.

Jesus Christ.

We believe that Jesus Christ through His miraculous incarnation is the manifestation of the eternal Word of God who became man while maintaining His essential divinity. That He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, led a sinless life, revealed the Father and as the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, died for our sins and rose from the dead on the third day, thus enacting the New Covenant and is presently seated at the right hand of the Father in glory as the triumphant Lord of Lords over all men and nations and is the great High Priest of His covenant people.


We believe that God directly created Adam and Eve, the historical parents of the human race; that they were created in His own image and likeness, distinct from all other living creatures, in an original state of righteousness. They succumbed to the temptation by Satan and sinned by rebelling against God’s revealed will and thereby incurred both physical and spiritual death which has been passed on to all humans in the form of a sinful nature. Yet, we believe that all humans, albeit fallen, continue to possess inherent value as special creations of God made in His image and thereby should be treated with dignity and love. We oppose any view of humanity that denies its universal intrinsic worth or discriminates in terms of race or ethnicity.

Spiritual warfare.

We believe in the existence of Satan, sin and the spiritual forces of evil that militate against the pursuit of goodness and personal spiritual maturity. We recognize the importance of employing the spiritual resources of God’s Word, prayer, and the revelation of the cross of Jesus Christ in restraining and defeating these spiritual adversaries. We engage this spiritual conflict daily, but are strengthened by the truth that the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ has ultimately crushed these forces enabling us to be more than conquerors through Him.


We believe that the good news of salvation from eternal death and reconciliation to a personal fellowship with God is to be extended to all human beings who are promised eternal life if they would sincerely acknowledge their separation from God due to their sins and put their faith in the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ who actually bore their sins at the cross of Calvary. We believe that the promise of salvation is a gift of God’s grace, not based on any works of man, because it is solely based on the mediatory work of Christ. The genius of God’s plan of salvation is that both the terms of His divine justice which demands the penalty of death for sin and that of His divine love which seeks the highest good for all humans are perfectly consummated in the sacrificial work of Jesus Christ. The attestation of the sufficiency of His sacrifice is the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead on the third day followed by His glorious ascension into heaven which was witnessed to by His disciples.


We believe that at some unknown time in the future that Jesus Christ will come again for His covenant people. Until that time, the Church in every generation is responsible to fulfill its mandate to evangelize the world and disciple the nations in terms of God’s revelation. Finally, there will be a bodily resurrection of the just and the unjust, which will ensue in either to a judgment leading to an everlasting punishment for those who reject the gospel of salvation or to a judgment seat of Christ that will result in meritorious rewards to accompany the everlasting blessedness of the saved.

United Christians Church of America
“A Church of Personal Accountability TO Christ and Civic Responsibility FOR Christ our Living Lord and Savior.”

Distinctions of our Church and other Institutions
A church that returns to the 18th Century model of Christian involvement in EVERY aspect of our society and in direct confrontation to the modern deception that there exists a “Separation of Church and State.”. We accomplish this because of “the inalienable rights from our Creator(God)” and due to our Constitutional religious liberties which enable us to perform our civic responsibilities as Christians. We seek the fulfillment of the Great Commission mandate and will promote it’s relevance within our communities, state and nation. Only by reaching the citizens of our Nation can we successfully reach the world for Christ and his kingdom, which is yet to come. We are a church which welcomes the membership of all serious believers by recognizing the interdenominational commonality found in the Lordship of Jesus Christ, without focusing on doctrinal divisions.

As an online church we seek to lead other churches in a return to our historic roots as leaders of our communities and thereby our states and nation.We call all local churches to return to a level of full civic responsibility and social and political accountability. We call upon all churches to join us in prayer, lead your communities in repentance, and usher in the revival of God’s spirit in our land, in our law and in our government leadership.

All sermons deal with the civic, social and political responsibilities of the body of Christ, issues that effect our faith, and the historical context of Christianity in America vs. radically revised judicial law and government policies which threaten our freedom of worship. Where that requires political discussions pertaining to specific issues and candidates our Pastors are free to share these personal opinions as the church always stops just short of endorsing, yet uses other organizations (Educational and Political Action Committees) to do just that.

Our “Senior Pastor” position will always remain vacant signifying that Christ is the only head of this Church. However, every pastor, from any other allied church, who is involved with us is deserving of the title of “Honorary Senior Pastor.”Our staff consists of Assistant Pastors with their various responsibilities as well as support staff.