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An interview with Dr. Henry Blackaby – a Canadian transplanted into the U.S. – about his work mentoring top business leaders of America. He teaches how to bring faith into the workplace based on Biblical principles. He focuses on hearing and obeying God and including Him in all business decisions. A lot of what he teaches is counter cultural to what the business community teaches. For example, he doesn’t believe business people should write a 5 year plan. He believes God won’t tell us what’s coming because we’d get to work on it right away, and God has some character work He wants to do first. Sometimes we couldn’t handle knowing whats to come because were not prepared for it. Its all about being led by God, rather than our planning. Dr. Blackaby is most famous for his book “Experiencing God” which sold 4 million copies!
Contact: Dr. Henry Blackaby, Blackaby Ministries International, P.O. Box 16338, Atlanta, GA 3032