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Anti-Christian Incumbent Judges Overwhelmingly Defeated in the Largest Counties in Florida

When Christian political groups and Values Voters unite, big things happen. In South Florida voters convincingly confirmed the growing influence of South Florida’s Christian vote by electing attorney Stephen Millan to a Circuit Judgeship in what was seen as a huge victory against anti-Christian judges. Millan won with more votes than any other candidate in South Florida, a total of 98,422 votes cast, when he handily beat the incumbent. Milan was endorsed by United Christians of Florida – Political Action Committee on their popular www.UnitedChristiansOfFlorida.com website and was determined to be “CFC-Qualified” by the Miami-based Christian Family Coalition.

Incumbent Circuit Court judge Fleur Jeannine Lobree proudly accepted the endorsement of a homosexual activist group and was dealt a humiliating defeat. It was the very group that recently brought a lawsuit against Florida’s 2008 voter-approved Constitutional “One man, one woman” initiative that supported traditional marriage. “There’s a lesson to be learned here. Seeking support from South Florida’s Christian community clearly pays off. On the other hand, incumbents that engage in explicit or implicit discriminatory attacks against the Christian community, either by accepting support of anti-Christian extremist groups or by belittling and demeaning a candidate’s Christian faith, will be rejected by voters,” points out Christian Family Coalition (CFC) Florida Founder and Executive Director Anthony Verdugo.

The most negative judicial race in South Florida pitted CFC-Qualified and United Christians of Florida recommended attorney John Patrick Contini, against incumbent Broward Circuit Judge Steven Feren. In this campaign, Feren decided to attack Contini’s Christian faith calling him a “religious bigot.” Voters threw Feren out of office, in a race where incumbent judges are rarely defeated by a new-comer.

Then in Hillsborough County, judicial candidate John Dingfelter was solidly defeated in a three-way competition and will not continue on to the General Election runoff race. Dingfelter was well remembered by the line of Tampa and Hillsborough County pastors who stood before Dingfelter asking him to vote against a Tampa city ordinance that would allow any man who merely claimed to be a woman to enter a Ladies Restroom and use the facility. An valiant effort was made by Terry Kemple and his Hillsborough based Community Issues Council to speak against this ill-conceived local law. Regardless of the many pastors pleading to protect families, protect ladies and especially the young unsuspecting female children, Dingfelter helped to pass the perverted ordinance that still stands to this day. However, he will not have a leg to stand on in the next judicial election.

The Christian Family Coalition, Florida Family Policy Council, United Christians of Florida – Political Action Committee and many other Christian activist groups are already educating and informing voters for the 2014 General Election. At www.UnitedChristiansOfFlorida.com volunteers will once again feature top-to-bottom of the ballot, county-by-county voting recommendations targeted to assist as many as 97% of the voters in the state of Florida.