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What Is Wrong With Liberals?

By Lee Duigon

Last week on my blog I posted a report of socialists in Venezuela praying to their dead dictator, Hugo Chavez, as if he were a god. I don’t think it was the sharpest arrow ever shot at the spiritual imbecility of leftists, but it certainly ticked off one of them.
This progressive sent me a message laced with profanity. He also expressed the wish that I would die suddenly. Boy, he must be really hot for Hugo Chavez.
It’s not nice to know that someone out there, who you wouldn’t know from Adam, hates you that much. But then I remember the leftists’ comments attached to newspaper reports of the death of Michael Crichton, in 2008.
I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I’m afraid I shall always be appalled by that much viciousness. These people were doing cartwheels over Crichton’s demise, saying they hoped he died in agony and wishing ill on his survivors. Best known as the creator of “Jurassic Park” and other science-fiction best-sellers, Crichton’s sin, in their eyes, was to disbelieve in Global Warming: that made him an apostate, deserving of the most exquisite suffering.
What’s wrong with these people?
Today they dominate the government at every level, the Democrat Party, the courts, the schools, the universities, the news media, Hollywood, and every other aspect of the public sector you can think of—even quite a few of the churches. There are still a few religious leaders, political commentators, bloggers, and a handful of politicians who oppose them: but have you seen the opposition winning many battles lately? There are Newswithviews readers who now believe the Left is invincible in this fallen world, and will only be defeated with the return of Jesus Christ.
You’d think the progs would be happy, riding high as they are, abusing Christians to their hearts’ content, running the show however they please. You’d think they wouldn’t even notice the few small voices raised against them.
And yet they aren’t happy. The most trivial act or word of dissent enrages them. They have conniptions over it.
Why? Well, the Bible tells us Satan is unhappy—filled with wrath, because he knows he has only a short time left to run wild on the earth (Revelation 12:12). Sound like anyone you know? When the devil is angry and unhappy, his servants are angry and unhappy.
With all the work they’ve done on Global Warming, for instance, nature refuses to cooperate and most people have noticed that. Libs ‘n’ progs love Global Warming! It’s their ticket to global governance. “Deniers” must be crushed.They push Evolution for all they’re worth, and still a lot of people aren’t buying it. Libs ‘n’ progs love Evolution: it gets God out of the picture, leaving the path clear for their own creation and idol, the devouring state, to be supreme. But somehow they just can’t seem to nail it down.
It’s the same story with all the rest of their comprehensive program of social engineering—same-sex pseudomarriage, all that “transgender” business, forcible redistribution of wealth, redefinition of the family, and the dissolution of all the nations into some icky kind of world government. They just can’t close the deal.
They remember that they were once in the minority, only to rise to a dominant position, and they are determined to stay on top forever, by avoiding the “mistakes” made by the old majority—tolerance, living their own lives and ignoring the jaw-flappings of what were then seen as merely odd and kooky splinter groups, and not taking any of it seriously.
As long as there is any opposition at all, leftists refuse to feel secure.
But even that fails to account for the intensity of their rage. I have seen liberals practically turn into werewolves because someone disagreed with them. An atheist once told a court he couldn’t sleep at night, or digest his food properly, because there was a Ten Commandments monument in a country park several miles from his home. You’d be wrong to think he was only kidding.
I think what we are talking about here is deeply troubled souls who can find no peace–no matter how many lawsuits they win, no matter how many dissenters they destroy, no matter how many “human rights” commissions they set up to erase religious freedom. It’s a hole that can never be filled, a hunger that can never be satisfied.
Christ is coming, and the devil knows it. It may be tomorrow; it may be another thousand years from now.
For the time being, He has given it to us to hold the fort, to “occupy until I come” (Luke 19:13).
And if, in this evil age, the only fort that any of us can hold is his own individual conscience—
Well, then, let’s hold onto that.
Lee Duigon
Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on www.amazon.com.

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