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Jarrin Jackson, from his humble pulpit delivers words that reflect the very Heart of God.  Although limited by the boundaries of imperfection, Jarrin’s heart is to reflect the Word of God and the message of Christ.  His observations on current events are always run through these filters, as the Holy Spirit directs him to see them.  America’s pastors need to take Jarrin’s teachings, evaluate them in comparison with the Holy Bible, add to them as the Spirit directs and promote all that qualify before your congregations who starve for a Biblical Worldview – ON A WEEKLY BASIS!

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United Christians Church is an online church of Biblical and political responsibility and personal accountability to Christ, our risen Lord and Savior. We encourage our dual members to also be active members of their local Bible believing church where they should attend, tithe, and volunteer. We seek to bring our members and visitors into a closer personal relationship with Christ. We desire to speak to current and relevant issues of the day from a Biblical perspective. Finally, we hope to educate members and visitors regarding our nations historical founding documents, including the history and truth behind what has been defined as a, "separation of church and state," and why participation in the public arena (including public service) is fulfillment of the role of membership in the Christian Church.